The TRUTH Will Rock You

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" I think, all at once, this is the most REVERENT, & the most IRREVERENT, record I've made. I think the only RULES should be that there are NO RULES. I think it's always important to add some fresh feels & stories to the blues-mix, & I think we've done so. One should RESPECT the traditions, of course, but that doesn't mean one can't MESS with 'em..." John 'Juke' Logan

Logan tells stories about what moves us. His gut-wrenching harmonica colors the scenery, as Logan preaches about courage, compassion, caring & livin' in this jungle we call home. His messages hit home with a power that's reinforced by each firey musical statement.
-- SOUTHLAND BLUES (April 2005)

TRACK LISTING: (all songs: music & lyrics by John "Juke" Logan, c JUKE-HOUSE MUSIC, ASCAP, adm. by BUG MUSIC)
1 I Do AllRight
2 The Truth Will Rock You
3 Designated Drinker
4 Drive-By Love
5 Rockin' Like a Wild Child
6 Instant Enemies
7 Up Love Creek (Without a Paddle) (written with Stephanie Riggio)
8 Strike While the Iron is Hot
9 Ask Any Dawg in Town
10 Walkin' with LeRoi (written with the LeRoi Brothers)
11 Show Me Somethin' Sista'
12 Unibomber of Love
13 Sound of Money Talkin'
14 Miracle Worker

PRODUCED by John "JUKE" Logan with Gary PRIMICH, Stuart SULLIVAN & Glenn "SENOR SOL" Nishida
ALL SONGS written by John "JUKE" Logan (7 & 10 with collaborators)

RECORDED in Austin, TEXAS, with a gathering of Texas' finest musicians (including the GARY PRIMICH band, the LeROI BROTHERS, The WILD TEJANOS, Denny FREEMAN, Nick CURRAN, Johnny MOELLER, Sarah BROWN, Chris MILLER, Dave BILLER, Ted RODDY, Tina ROSE & more)
FINISHED (with additional amazing musicians, including Stephanie RIGGIO, Mike "BONEDADDY" Tempo & transplanted Texans the BURNS Sisters) on the Left Coast by JUKE & SENOR SOL
COVER-art & titles by Gin STEVENS

Juke sez---THANKS, once again, for allowing me to visit your souls with this, my 3rd album. As before, these original songs (& performances) are simply a chronicle & sum-total of rich experiences: good, bad, beautiful, ugly & hovering somewhere in between all of those... I thank the Good Lord for every one of them (the songs AND the experiences...). To bring this to you is indeed a blessing to me. I THANK YOU for your time, for listening, & for the support. Play it loud & may ye groove...
I cut this one in AUSTIN, TEXAS, a musical home-away-from-home, blessed with a cast of some of the monsterous players & singers that reside there... each a MUSICAL GIANT. It was a long-time dream-realized to do this. In making this music, they helped me rediscover some roots I hadn't visited in awhile, & also push-off into some new places I haven't visited until now. They all climbed into the character of each song & BROUGHT IT immensely... I finished it off at my LA-studio-home of Pacifica Studios, with amazing group of my 'LEFT-COAST'-based musical partners adding their signature-touches...
This one began as my 'return to traditional blues / straight-up-blues album', & half-way through I realized that that isn't my job. It also took awhile, like some of 'em do; the reasons were many (artistic/personal/medical - including an ailment that nearly took me out… shining light on every note as a BLESSED GIFT) & all good in the end. Like wise folk say, 'Don't open a wine before its time'. Though it's definitely the nastiest (& probably 'blusiest') stuff I've cut, it's still whack & left-of-blues-center like my other records, which I KNOW had a lot of 'blues purists' scratching their heads (albeit while they were dancin', doncha' know...).

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