Let's Get Back

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"It's been 12 years since LA's Delgado Brothers have released a record....the all original material, which melds blues, rock, funk and even New Orleans R & B elements, is affectingly personal." Billboard

"Brotherhood never sounded so simple or so sweet" Blues Revue

"These guys cook! Wuth that Juke Logan-produced essential, GROOVE GREASE...party time, with deep soul! Pasadena Weekly

East LA comes straight from the heart with the legendary brothers' new release! Rhythm, soul, and rock n roll, with a touch of blues and a ton of classic LA sound. Ain't no escapin' this contagious sound!

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2. LET'S GET BACK (3:20)
3. REAL DEAL(4:37)
4. IF I DON'T GET HOME (4:33)
5. NO REGRETS (6:34)
6. FINALLY HOME (4:45)
8. L.A. ELLIE (3:06)
10. BLUE LINE (3:14)
12. STRUTTIN' JOEY "D" (3:24)

All songs written by the Delgado Brothers

PRODUCED BY JOHN "JUKE" LOGAN with the DELGADO BROTHERS for Juke-House Productions

Recorded & mixed at Pacifica Studios, Los Angeles, CA
Engineered by Glenn Nishida (Asian cousin)
Assistant engineer: Miles West (Egyptian cousin)
Mixed by Glenn Nishida, Juke & the Brothers
Mastered by Eddy Schreyer at Oasis

STEVE DELGADO: lead & backing vocals, drums, woxixi on 13
JOE DELGADO: lead vocals on 7 & 9, backing vocals, guitars
"Reverend" RAY SOLIS: congas, shakere, maracas

MICHAEL "The Saint" THOMPSON (Scottish cousin): Hammond B-3 organ, piano, Wurlitzer electric piano
DAVID HIDALGO (Lobo cousin): accordian on 1 & 13, vocals on 1 & 13, guitar on 13
DOUG MacLEOD (Scottish cousin): National acoustic guitar on 6 & 11
STEPHANIE RIGGIO (Sicilian cousin): backing vocals on 3
VICTOR BISSETTI (Lobo cousin): timbales on 9
The TEXACALI HORNS (Texas cousins): on 2, 3 & 10
JOE SUBLETT: tenor sax
JOHN "JUKE" LOGAN (Irish cousin): harmonica on 6, 8, & 11, 'Bowl-a-Rama' organ on 1
The DELGADO FAMILY: backing vocals & general coolness on 13
SANCHO (Atzlanian cousin): good words on 13

David Hidalgo & Victor Bissetti appear courtesy of Warner Brothers Records
Doug MacLeod appears courtesty of Audioquest Records

THE FIRST TIME I SAW & HEARD THE DELGADO BROTHERS, I WAS STUNNED... I'd heard all about them from my friends in Los Lobos, & from Bruce Bromberg & Dennis Walker who produced their one & only ('til this) album in 1987 on Hightone. But to experience them 'live' was indeed to get my butt blown away, in the greatest of ways...

It was '88 or so...they were touring behind their first album (which built them an international following) & I was a member of Dave Alvin's Allnighters - we found ourselves on several bills together & became immediate friends. One thing led to another, & all of a sudden there was "The Delgado Brothers with special-guest Juke Logan" appearing at the King King & some other L.A. hipster-joints.

I remember the rehearsals, in the customized garage at the long-time Delgado Family home (the "Church of El Monte"), still the residence of mother Belle, and with many of the 11 Delgado siblings constantly coming & going. I was instructed: Come hungry, 'cause "Ma' Belle" had cooked up tamales (THE BEST). I felt like familia, & have ever since...

One of my favorite phenomenons in music is the lead-singing-drummer, & Steve Delgado is one of the best-of-the best. As you'll hear on this disc, he's also developed, since the Brother's first album, into a very strong lyricist & songwriter. Joe Delgado has long been one of the "secret weapons" of the West Coast Guitar Community (those who know have 'got my back' on this one...). This album will further reveal his unique & firey instrumental approach, his already-established songwriting (he wrote 5 for the first album), not to mention his melodic gift & vocalizing (he's the "crooner" of the band, so to speak...).

Bob Delgado knows where the groove lives...& spends his time hangin' out in this place when playing the bass. As the senior Brother here, he also contributes a unique overall musical saavy. The "Right Reverend Righteous" Ray Solis has to be beheld to be believed; his on-the-edge playing & showmanship do not eclipse the fact that he's one of the best percussionists there is...

These guys had the nerve to try & "retire" from music in '94. I didn't want to say anything, but, as the saying goes, there was a "hole in my soul" without the Brothers rockin' everybody's ass off everytime they played. Enter Sancho, my radio-brother on KPCC. I'm thankful that songs from my album "The Chill" found their way onto the Sancho show, to the extent that Sancho, asked me to play the ninth annual Chicano Music Awards (rightfully having become a major L.A. event). Obviously honored, I said I'd do it if I could talk the Delgado Brothers (long-time Sancho show favorites) into re-forming & joining me. I did, they did & we did...

That show had an additional, theraputic significance to me, as it occurred on the eve of the funeral of my mom, Elinor "L.A. Ellie" Logan, a music-lover (& Delgado Brothers fan) who's spirit was dancin'...

It seemed to me almost as if the Delgado Brothers had just been re-charging their batteries during their hiatus. All things pointed to: "Let's make a record", which we did, & this is it...

We recruited some 'cousins' to help us out. Michael Thompson is one of those amazing, almost telepathic, musicians who always knows where you & the song are going before you get there...'cause he's been there & back. His brilliant keyboard contributions are one of the key pistons in this musical engine.

The Texacali horns, busy these days cutting with the likes of Bonnie Raitt & the Stones, jumped at the chance to come down & have a ball with old friends. When we arranged for the session, Joe Sublett (who's first L.A. session upon moving there in the mid-80's was with the Delgado Brothers) commented, "those guys have always been about joy". Well said...

My partner Doug MacLeod (check-out our 'live' album together as a duo, also on Mocombo) & "Skillet" (his trusty National acoustic) adds some Delta-style grease to two tracks. Stephanie Riggio (my personal angel) shows that her voice is as beautiful musically (look for her solo album of originals) as it is effective on her award-winning (Best DJ - L.A. Music Awards) KPCC radio show. Victor Bisetti, drummer/percussionist with Los Lobos, also fell by to explode on the timbales...

And speaking of Lobos, having David Hidalgo join us, & apply his signature genius to two tracks, was another example of "full circle". It was partly through Dave that I came to know the Brothers...Los Lobos & the Delgados having come up alongside one another in the always-thriving musical scene that is L.A.'s East Side.

Masterfully controlling the technical end of things is Glenn "Mr. Sunshine" Nishida.The man always delivers. I can't & won't make a move, recording-wise, without him...

Producing this project has truly been a labor of love for me. I feel we've come up with something fresh, using all the elements that have always made the Delgado Brothers great. Their time is now...& this music is permanent & built to last. People all over the world have been waiting for the Brothers to "Get Back"... It brings us great pleasure to do it...

- John "Juke" Logan

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